Daniels is backed by the belief that proven skills sets and a viable, creative business model have a way of selling themselves and when implemented correctly, can be the best catalyst for growth of a small company. In this effort, Daniels incubates new and existing companies as subsidiaries, including creating world-class personnel teams and the best go-to-market strategies, as well as providing growth capital. Daniels finances their growth with capital raised from the sale of Daniels registered common stock until the time when the incubated company is viable, profitable, revenue-generating, and entirely self-sufficient.

Once viable, the subsidiary is spun-off to the independent contractors instrumental in its operation and expansion, as well as to the shareholder base of Daniels Corporate Advisory Co. Inc. and Daniels itself.

The spin-off is necessary -allowing for the monetization of consulting time and the recapture of the equity cost to the Parent Company (Daniels) for funding the subsidiary with common stock during its incubation period. The recapture of labor and capital costs, plus a significant rate of return on investment, are achievable primarily through a simple change in valuation method – from that of a private company to one of a public company with incubation created profits at a public market valuations.

During incubation, progress throughout every phase of the company’s development is released to the public and to investors. This consistent communication to the public and enhanced visibility in the market under the Daniels Corporate Advisory stock symbol builds a foundation for the company with not only retail and institutional investors, many of whom will be interested in ownership equity in the company once it’s spun-off, but also customers and/or partners whom will want to buy the company’s products and/or services resulting in increased sales and earnings. The period of public market awareness/visibility for the incubated company under Daniels’ stock symbol will be the main driving force behind sales and earnings improvements, and will perpetuate price and momentum improvements in the stock.

Daniels’ Business Model achieves milestones necessary with current clients to attract new clients -those with quality start-up ideas and/or new products. We limit overall risk associated with start-ups by selecting candidates with new products and services – that are already part of an existing product mix that is successful in its own right. For example, a foreign product manufacturer, successful in its own country, has the ability to launch that product in the United States through a Sales Agency Relationship with Daniels.